What Should You Ask For Packers Before Hiring Them?

One can find several moving companies get started every year and most of them claim to be number one in the industry. However, it is possible that not multiple players occupy the top post and these kinds of claims create trouble for the customers. They get confused about which mover to choose and which one to drop. Since it is very hard to choose the right one for your moving task but still, you need to ask a few questions to choose the right mover that can smoothly carry out the moving task.

Here are the questions you must ask the packers and movers in India before hiring them.

  1. Are you a licensed company?

License is the primary requirement for a packer and mover to operate. Having license means, the company has permission from the government to provide services in certain areas. This is also considered the badge of legality. When a company operates without a license, customers can’t get proper service from it because it does not adhere to any guidelines being formulated by the government. So, if you want to hire a well-capable packer and mover company, it will be best to ask whether it has a valid license or not.

  1. What is the permanent business address of the company?

Indeed, you wouldn’t like to fall into a circumstance when you can’t find the administration supplier. So, it is crucial to inquire about the lasting location of the office and warehouse. You should track the permanent address and if any issues arrive in the future, it will be easy for you to reach the office and solve the issue with the officials. Don’t rely on the packers and movers that don’t have any permanent office.

  1. Is the mover ready to put each of the commitments in writing?

A reputed and genuine mover and packer will happily accept the suggestion of writing down all the commitment in writing. They don’t only speak but hand over the note where the moving guidelines and the commitments have been noted. In this way, it will be easy for the customer to track the actions they are taking during their service.

  1. Is the packer performing the moving task itself or outsourcing it to a third party?

A number of packer and mover companies don’t maintain their fleet rather they prefer to outsource the task to any third-party packer company which is why sometimes customers have to face numerous issues because there will be no one to answer any queries or no one would like to take the responsibility that had finalized during the discussion with the first packer and mover before hiring. You shouldn’t hire a packer and mover service provider that outsources the task to any third party.

  1. What are the payment terms?

Payment term is one of the basic things and it makes a difference. Inquire about whether they have an adaptable payment term or not? Reputed packers and movers are always ready to provide convenience to the customers and they make the payment soothingly. So, ask the terms of the payment and if it doesn’t suit you then you can drop that packer and go ahead.

  1. What will be the consequences in the case of missing a deadline?

Packers and movers adhere to the deadline strictly. They mainly maintain strict vigilance during their task and never want to skip the commitment that they have done earlier with the customers. So, sometimes, they offer compensation if they fail to maintain the deadline. So, it is crucial to ask in advance about all these schemes that they offer in the case of missing the deadline.

  1. What about the quality of the packing material?

Packing the goods securely is the initial step to performing the entire packing and moving task seamlessly without any damage. This is the reason, it is crucial to know that, the movers are using the quality material that can safeguard the goods and this is why you should ask them initially whether they are going to use new packing material or not. If their answer is not satisfactory then you can go ahead and choose another one.

  1. Does the packer have the required manpower and tools for packing, loading, and transporting the goods?

A reputed packer never hesitates to flaunt the assets that it owns. They must have adequate manpower, tool, and transporting vehicles to perform the packing and moving task easily and professionally. You should ask them about these things earlier and if they don’t have these tools and other basic requirements then you can drop that particular mover because it is unable to process your requirements.


Choosing a reputed packer is not as easy as we think. It requires proper research regarding their fleet, background, track record, and customer experience. These are a few questions you must ask before hiring any packer and mover for your moving task and if you found that, these questions are properly answered, you can hire that particular moving company. Never hesitate to ask these questions before hiring the right packer and mover.

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